Hello and Welcome to Face Off Entertainment!

We have created this website to delight your eyes and ears with new talent from across America and beyond.


Face Off Entertainment’s mission is to provide youth with the opportunity to share their experiences and talents and express themselves to the world in hopes of bringing about positive change in society.


Face Off Entertainment is dedicated to giving back to the community. If performing is not your thing – do not feel left out! If you want to teach, mentor, or share your gifts with others in other ways, we will offer scholarships to select students from schools across the country who are dedicated to furthering their education in their chosen field of the arts. Face Off Entertainment will also select students from a wide variety of youth programs and organizations who work toward advancing their academic and artistic development.

Lastly, Face Off Entertainment will offer scholarships to some of the same youth who upload videos to our site. These scholarships will help to further their education and perfect their skills in their chosen art form. Some of these recipients will also receive opportunities to perform at Face Off Entertainment events.

Face Off Entertainment – We See You!

We humbly and respectfully invite you to Come Take Off with Face Off!


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Face Off Entertainment would like to share with you the wide range of talent found in our own backyards.  We bring this representation of talented individuals to you for your viewing pleasure and consideration for continued education in their chosen fields and wide range of artistic endeavors.


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Face Off Entertainment believes it is our duty to give back to the community. We will accomplish that goal by hosting events with performances given by the very youth (and sometimes by special guests) whom we are aiming to assist.  
Please check regularly for upcoming events.


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Face Off Entertainment has designed an exciting line of apparel from t-shirts to shoes and more!  Try us on for size and rock our signature and unique style.

Come Take Off with Face Off!


The events and affairs hosted by Face Off Entertainment, and the scholarships, will provide opportunities for youth to shine and help change the direction of their lives. But we cannot do it alone. If you believe in our endeavor, please give. Please click on the donation link to help us help them.